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Key West kayak tours with Captain Andrea Paulson

Kayaking with Captain Andrea PaulsonAbout Captain Andrea Paulson

You'll find Captain Andrea Paulson at the Sugarloaf Marina at Mile Marker 17 on Sugarloaf Key. She has been in business as a charter boat captain for a few years now. She started out doing these backcountry trips to keep her and other wives of fisherman in the neighborhood busy for a day. Now she offers custom backcountry excursions for anyone interested in the beautiful waters and mangrove islands of the Lower Florida Keys.

Reelax Charters

Captain Andrea's trips start from the Sugarloaf Marina. Each trip is customized so the departure time varies. She has a boat with a 10-foot beam to accommodate the kayaks, cooler, beach chairs and even has wheelchair accessibility.

There are many reasons why people choose Reelax Charters but some of them are to get a better perspective of the Florida Keys and the nature of the surroundings here. Others want a romantic trip where they can comb beaches, kayak, and just have some quality time together.

Florida Keys kayak tours from Sugarloaf Marina on Sugarloaf Key. Backcountry kayaking excursions close to Key West, FL in sunny Sugarloaf Key. Join us for a relaxing day on the water.

 Kayak tours through mangrove islands and across pristine sand flats - view birds and marine life

Captain Andrea Paulson - Reelax Kayaking Charters, Sugarloaf Key
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